Ruud Boendermaker has 38 years of experience in the Oil and Gas Services sector having spent the majority of his career at Halliburton and another 7 years at Superior Energy Services serving as its Vice President Asia Pacific Region prior to joining Viking Services as its Global Director of Energy Services in 2021.

Prior to leaving Halliburton Mr. Boendermaker served as its Asia Pacific, Eurasia Production Enhancement and Boots & Coots Senior Regional Product Line Manager from 2010 to 2013. Previously Mr. Boendermaker also served as a Senior Area Manager for Algeria Area and Other Africa Area. He also held a variety of managerial positions in Nigeria, Yemen, Kuwait, Egypt, Pakistan, and Oman during a 28-year career with Halliburton.

In January 2023 Mr. Boendermaker was promoted to VP Energy Services and Turkey Operations.