Imre Molnar joined the Acoustic Geophysical Services team as General Manager in October 2007 to manage and oversee Hungary’s field operations. In 2019 he was promoted to the Managing Director position.
During his career, Imre held a variety of positions, including QC Controller Field Geophysicist, Party Chief, Programmer, Business Development, HSE Manager, Technical Manager, General Manager. He also took part in and managed Seismic Projects in Austria, Slovakia, Slovenia, Serbia, Romania, Russia, Kazakhstan, Turkey, Croatia, Tunisia, and Hungary and so having experience doing seismic in the arctic, moderate and desert climates.
His previous employers were Roland Eötvös Geophysical Institute, Seismograph Services Ltd. (UK), GECO-Prakla, and GES (Subsidiary of MOL).

Graduated from the Plekhanov Mining University in St. Petersburg, Russia in 1983