A Full Circle of Service from the UBD Regional Leader

It’s no accident that the Viking Services’ name is synonymous with Underbalanced Drilling (UBD) technology and air drilling. We saw the necessity for UBD technologies and services back in the mid-1980’s while drilling in the West Texas Overthrust. Viking dedicated the resources, realized our vision, and are now leaders with hundreds of successful UBD wells to our credit.

What is Underbalanced Drilling and Why Use It?

Underbalanced drilling is the intentional reduction of drilling fluid density to lower hydrostatic pressure in a wellbore so that it is lower than formation pore pressure. In underbalanced reservoir drilling (UBD), the emphasis is on protecting the formation, particularly in low-pressure, depleted reservoirs. Encouraging the reservoir to flow while it is being drilled avoids creation of wellbore buildup and its associated negative impact on well productivity and reservoir recovery. Lower pressure in the wellbore also increases ROP, prolongs bit life, and prevents fluid loss into the formation, making differential sticking unlikely. These benefits allow for enhanced production and reservoir recovery which increases the economic viability, resulting in quicker payout for wells.

Or, more simply put, underbalanced drilling maintains hydrostatic wellbore pressure below formation pressure while drilling.

 For decades, our operations in West Texas relied on air drilling to get through hard fractured limestone formations quickly and without costly fluid losses. Air drilling uses mist or foam as the drilling fluid, increasing ROP and lengthening bit life and , although air drilling is an “old” technology in the U.S., it holds bright promise in the Eastern Hemisphere.

Viking Services consists of a team of management and drilling personal that have drilled hundreds of underbalanced wells and have an excess of over 100 years of experience collectively in Underbalanced Drilling. We are well positioned to provide expertise, in conjunction with our equipment and services, to operators looking for value and experience from their partners.