Contract Drilling Rigs

Viking Services provides onshore contract drilling services with an ever-expanding fleet of marketable land-based drilling rigs that operate primarily in the oil and natural gas producing regions within the MENA and CEE areas. Viking’s Drilling Services team is performance-oriented, providing technologically advanced equipment, extensive industry experience, a safe operating environment, and quality service to our clients in the worldwide oil and gas industry.

We continue to invest in our rig fleet, thereby enhancing the quality and versatility of Viking Services’ rigs by upgrading and/or acquiring highly specialized rigs that lend themselves to reconfiguration for new drilling applications necessary to exploit advancements in technology. We engineer and build rigs to accommodate the drilling needs of wells in different operational areas.

We are committed to exceeding the drilling efficiency, safety, and quality requirements of our clients. We are guided by the following principles: people are our greatest asset, safety is our foremost responsibility, and financial discipline and operational excellence is our work ethic.

Our technology, expertise, and quality equipment help us deliver results to challenging drilling projects and meet stringent client demands. We design rigs with automated features that reduce nonproductive time and increase safety by eliminating operational hazards and distancing people from dangerous areas.