Viking International provides Drilling Fluids services with the proven quality since 2010, Drilling Fluids team has designed and applied solutions for more than 200 Oil & Gas and 60 Geothermal wells projects in Turkey. We have a track record of long-term customer satisfaction with our expertise and operational capabilities to adapting varying needs. Viking Drilling Fluids team has maintained a long-term operational relationship with numerous Oil & Gas and Geothermal Energy operators thanks to its approach to set higher standards to oilfields. So far, solutions offered provided observable advancements for operations of our clients. Nevertheless, Viking always carries the performance to next step with research and development activities to minimize effects on the environment, risks, and costs.

“Mud Engineer” is the name given to an oil field service company individual who is charged with maintaining a drilling fluid or completion fluid system on an oil and/or gas drilling rig. This individual typically works for the drilling fluids company and is specifically trained in drilling fluid technology and chemicals.

  • Anticipate and determine how specific or combinations of drilling fluid products will behave in the downhole environment as part of mud program.
  • Prepare mud programs.
  • On-site engineering services for drilling and well completion fluids.
  • Deliver drilling fluid products to the client’s location.
  • Optimize drilling performance and minimize the risk associated with fluids-related problems.
  • Monitor solids control systems.
  • Pressure control.
  • The cost of drilling fluid is typically about 10% (may vary greatly) of the total cost of drilling a well.